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This site is a collection of comic series and short stories taking place in several imaginary cities existing within the same universe. They all differ in tone and genres but can sometimes interlace.

Current stories

Bruise - (mystery, action, comedy) : the adventures of Robert "Bruise" and Will Leno, an unlikely duo clashing with New Arch City's underworld and its gallery of colorful but deadly characters.
Colors - Mild violence, coarse language.

Breslyn, New Arch - (romance, drama) : the love/sex/work/family lives and times of a group of young metropolitans evolving in Breslyn, New Arch City's hippest and most dynamic borough.
Black & white - Coarse language, nudity, NSFW.

American Freaks - (comedy) : based in Landport, OR, the comics follows the misadventures and schemes of a group of despicable young adults living in a city where half-human creatures (freaks) and hip youngsters coexist (more or less) peacefully.
Duotone - Coarse language.

Lazlo Sloe - (comedy, horror) : in an indeterminate location and time period, a young man called Lazlo tries to live (and survive) amongst classic horror movies monsters.
Duotone - Violence, horror.

Short stories

Bon Débarras - (comedy) : Luck comes and mostly goes.
2 pages - Colors - Mild violence, coarse language.

Zoanthropy - (mystery, comedy) : The scoop of the century has a price.
3 pages - Colors.

Rule of Thumb - (action, mystery) : Hitchiking on road 6(6)6.
3 pages - Colors - Violence, horror.

Ephemeral - (mystery, comedy) : Emeral City is shaken up by the appearance of mysterious signs, sending its ihabitants and media outlets into a frenzy.
8 pages - Colors - Mild violence, coarse language.

The Prince - (fairy-tale) : Prince Charming is looking for his promised...
4 pages - Colors - French.

Les Princes - (fairy-tale) : A choose-your-own-adventure comic following the Prince and his fiancée from the previous short-story.
21 pages - Colors - French.


The Barely Fake Diary - A twisted version of the author's diary, if he had a diary (he doesn't).
Mix - Coarse language.

Sick Sad World (NSFW) - A bunch of weird absurd stories only connected by bad taste and perverted themes.
Colors - Violence, coarse language, nudity - NSFW

Horns - Having horns doesn't mean you're evil, but people around you, that's another story.
Duotone - Coarse language.